Five Amazing Amazon Finds

As the lockdown to fight Covid-19 and flatten the statistical curve of infected people continues worldwide, we slowly learn to make the most out of staying home. This quarantine would have been a thousand times more unbearable if there was no online shopping. Thankfully, delivery services still work and you can ease the burden of your lonely existence in your solitary confinement with small, convenient items Amazon is faithfully providing us. We collected five things that are simple and genius, budget-friendly and have stellar reviews which will come handy during quarantine and even after, in your normal life. These will elevate your productivity, solve little unnerving problems and please the eye.

PopSockets: Collapsible Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets, $9.99

Yes, yes! You’ve been meaning to get one! We know. Just do it already! And enjoy the simple pleasure of watching a quick vid on your phone without the struggle of having to find an object to lean it on. The grip will come very handy during all the zoom video calls that constitute our day, as well as when cooking that meal following an online recipe. It also makes it so much easier to hold the phone without straining your fingers.

Weekly Planners Keyboard Pad, $8.85 at Amazon

How is your work from home going so far? Are you on top of all assignments? Does your old organizer help? Mine doesn’t. Somehow, my tasks became overwhelming when I started working from home. I needed way more space and lines to write down my to-do list and a dated page in a notebook or the little box on a calendar just wouldn’t do. I needed this weekly planner pad to set on my desk. It has the perfect amount of writing space, cute designs, and it's not dated, so it can last beyond the calendar year.

Cactaki 32oz BPA-Free Water Bottle with Time Marker, $19.95

While staying home we visit our kitchen, in particular our fridge way more often. We snack non-stop, but do we drink as much water as we need to? This bottle helps keep track of the water you’re drinking daily and stay more hydrated because of the time marker. It’s not just another cute water container, it’s a very mature, responsible bottle that takes good care of you. So just get it, let it do its work and get your daily amount of water to help out your immune system during these uncertain times. 

Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp, $18.53

How do you relax once you’re logged out? Have you heard about the Himalayan Salt Lamp? It provides a nice, warm glow that's bright enough for some late-night reading or just creates a gentle ambiance, which is much appreciated when coping with the chaos of quarantine life. It has some health benefits as well, so there’s no problem if you leave it on while you sleep. Also, it’s beautiful and will perfectly fit into any interior.

Colonel Popper Microwave Popcorn Popper Maker

Last but not least, a way to bring excitement into your Netflix binge-watching sessions is a proper eco-friendly silicone popcorn maker. A device that finally gets the job done eliminating all the struggle. Easy, quick and necessary, taking into account all the nights that we will all spend in front of the TV. After trying many of them and failing miserably time after time, now I can declare with utter satisfaction and contentment. This is the one popcorn maker you need in your life.

In the unlimited Amazon universe, there are certainly tons of useful items worth having. If you discover something worthwhile while navigating the sea of pretty shady and pointless things, go ahead and share your discovery with us and with the world. This list is not finite and we will probably do another rundown like this one in the near future revealing new treasures of the Amazon “jungle”. Meanwhile, you should check out these picks and share your experience with us. Along with writing a review on the Amazon website, give us a hands up on our Facebook page by leaving a comment under this post. 

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