Trendy Hairstyles of 2020

While sitting at home deprived of the possibility to go out and socially interact, we may give our skin and hair some rest and skip make-up and the flat iron for a while. Soon enough all beauty salons will reopen and social life after the mandatory quarantine will taste as sweet as ever. No matter if you've been having doubts about your hairstyle before the lockdown, or you just want to start fresh when the craze is over, you might consider changing up your look to celebrate your newfound post-pandemic freedom. Now, before you get the chance to book that appointment with your stylist, allow us to provide you with some hair inspiration. 


This iconic hairstyle gained popularity in the '60s and since then it practically never went out of style. In fact, 2020 is going to be the year for the classic look to make another huge comeback. All different styles and lengths of bobs are in demand. Blunt or layered, symmetrical or asymmetrical, whatever you go with it’s going to be a win. You'll still want to consider your face features and be cautious, especially when transitioning from long hair. We recommend taking it slow and trying a relatively longer style bob first, just to be on the safe side and have no regrets.


Surprisingly, another iconic retro hairstyle the 80’s shag is expected to make its return in 2020 as well. However, this look is not going to be in its classic version, it’s going to be reinvented into a "modern shag" featuring more layers and textures. This updated, more sophisticated look works well with all face shapes on males and females equally. Naturally carefree and easy to maintain shag will grant you the opportunity to roll out of bed and go straight to work without worrying about styling.

The Rachel

Heavy layers, fringes, minimal styling. 90’s favorite sitcom “Friends” cast will be reunited and we will all witness the comeback of Rachel not just as a character but as a haircut. It may surprise you but Friends star Jennifer Aniston always hated that haircut and thought that it was not her best look created by hairstylist Chris McMillan. Plenty of women disagreed. Ironically, The  Rachel became the image of the decade.


Here you need to be very careful! Not all the styles are going to be equally welcomed in 2020. If you were thinking of Cleopatra bangs, forget about it. Cleopatra is dead and so are her bangs. Instead, go for itty bitty baby bangs. Interestingly, along with extremely short bangs, long, eye-level bangs will have their share of spotlight. If you're not a fan of having fringe in your eyes but still like how longer bangs look, try curtain bangs. Originating from the 1970s, this look is easier to maintain than other styles of bangs and is especially flattering for those you have a longer forehead.


When you don't feel like having bangs anymore, simply grow out the fringe into layers. Layers work great for all kinds of hair and they are always trendy. This low-maintenance haircut choice still has some rules to follow.  If you want to rock the feathered layers this year, take into consideration where you part your hair. Fortunately, you don’t need to have super long hair to be able to go for feathered layers or a center part. Chic and easy!


The pick of extension popularity is not over yet. This trend is growing worldwide and makes waves in the business economy. By 2023, the global hair extension and wigs market is expected to exceed $10 billion in revenue. There was a time when women would hold off using extensions fearing to damage their natural hair. As we learned how to use them correctly, extensions became increasingly popular. The year 2020 is going to welcome women who want to fake their length during the holidays to change their look temporarily, and those who just can’t wait long enough for their natural hair to grow out. Bangs extensions, ponytails, tape-in, clip-in, sew-in and glue-in extensions all are available to transform your image for around two months, or for as long as you desire.

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