The National Student Financial Aid Scheme

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme

The NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) Loan Program is a South African government student bursary and loan scheme that provides undergraduate students with loans to make it possible for them to continue their education after finishing high school. It receives its funding budget from the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The program also manages bursaries such as the Funza Lushaka Teacher Bursary (for students pursuing a teaching qualification), DHET Disability Bursary, and other bursaries from Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).
This organization aims to help youngsters from poor and middle-class families who want to get higher education but lack enough funds to fulfill their goals. For those who would otherwise be deprived of the possibility to get proper education and make a decent living, NSFAS loans act as a lifesaver. The applicants can count on getting a transparent, reliable, and respectful approach to each of them to be sure about their personal information to be secure.

How Does NSFAS Work?

Anyone who lives in South Africa and is in search of funds to finance his/her education should know about NSFAS. It is your chance for a better and brighter future with appropriate education and specialization that will be something to rely on throughout the whole of your life.
Essential documents to apply
In order to have no obstacles on your way, make sure you have all the papers ready to start the application process and successfully finish it. Here are the necessary documents:

  • South African ID document/card
  • ID of parents and/or guardian (Or death certificate where applicable)
  • Pay advice/ letter of employment/pension advice stating income.

Register and Create an Account

Take into consideration that this process may take of you half an hour and find that much free time not to be interrupted by anyone. It’s of high importance to fill out the application form correctly so that you don’t get disappointed with the results.
First of all, you need to go to the official website of the NSFAS and register there. Provided that you have an account, you can start the process of application if you have scanned copies of the documents mentioned below:
☑Identity Document/Birth Certificate
☑ Matric Certificate
☑ Latest Academic Results
☑ Proof of parents’ income (if they are employed)
☑ Death Certificate/s (if parents are dead)
☑ Doctor’s Certificate (if permanently disabled).

What does an NSFAS Loan Fund?

When you get approved for this education funding, the bursary will cover the expenses of your food, accommodation, travel costs and, of course, it will take care of your tuition fees, study material costs, and much more to provide an ideal atmosphere and conditions for you to concentrate on the studies.
Note that the funding will go directly to the educational institution and the student doesn’t have control over these funds. On the contrary, they do have control over the funds given for personal allowance, food, and other necessary stuff, and in this case, there is no mechanism to control and restrict the way students manage their costs, as the organization treats the students as responsible individuals who know how to manage the funds in a way to avoid possible complexities.

How and When to Apply?

As we have already mentioned, everyone needs an account on the official website ( of the NSFAS and the next step is filling out the appeal form that you can find here. Once, you finish with the application process, you should email the appeal form with the supporting documents to [email protected]. You can also submit your application form in one of the Financial Aid Offices in your region. Click here for the list of application centers where you can apply for NSFAS online.

A few days are left before the application for the 2020 academic year on 30 November 2019, and as the NSFAS administrator, Dr. Randall Carolissen said, since the application cycle opened, the scheme has received a total of 287 769 applications nationwide.
The Repayment of Student Loans
The NSFAS student loans have distinctive features, enabling the students to start repaying when they start to work and the amount of money they will regularly pay depends on the sum of their salary. If the student doesn’t work, he/she is not obliged to make the payment until he starts his career.  For more information, you can visit and get all the answers to your questions if they weren’t satisfied with this article.

Essential Tips for borrowers

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