5 Movies to Watch During Coronavirus Quarantine

5 Movies to Watch During Coronavirus Quarantine

We are living uncertain, yet curious times. The worldwide pandemic has all of us stuck at home threatening our health and life if we go out. Nevertheless, it can quite certainly be defeated if we don’t go out. Sounds fairly easy, doesn’t it? Now, after you went through your drawers, organized them, cleaned and vacuumed, cooked, ate your dinner, picked up a book, and put it down, there comes the realization that you’re out of ideas on how to entertain yourself and it’s not even your second day of self-isolation. 

Movies! There’s nothing like a good movie to calm your mind and take you out of your apartment at least for a couple of hours.

There are so many movies streaming on different platforms, it may become a problem to try and choose. Here’s our take on what you should try watching to cheer up. 

Feeling claustrophobic in your own home? You might just slightly soothe yourself watching movies with people in claustrophobic situations. 

Groundhog day

If you have never seen this movie it’s going to be a wonderful discovery, if you have, rewatching it now will make you appreciate the irony. It’s a story about a man who is not quite stuck in one place. Bill Murray’s character is stuck in time repeating the same day, over and over again. A slightly different kind of claustrophobic situation, but you will inevitably find it common with waking up in your apartment with nowhere to go. By the end of the movie, the hero manages to make the most out of his situation. He even masters playing the piano. This will definitely leave you in a hopeful place, eager to wake up the next morning in the same bad. 


Two reasons to watch this movie! First, everybody is worried about Tom Hanks and his wife. Them being infected with the virus made it clear for us that no one is ever safe enough. However, Tom’s character from this movie has seen worse and was able to conquer it all. Second, ending up alone on an island with no one left around to talk about other than objects that surround you is the perfect analogy to this whole quarantine situation we are all in. Yet again, we are in so much better place. On our comfortable sofa, watching movies and doing online shopping. It just makes the quarantine feel like a breeze.   

I Am Legend

A dystopian movie proving that things could have been much worse. Will Smith’s character and his dog live in the ruined and destructed city that used to be New York and fights monsters, who were once humans infected by a virus, that was meant to cure cancer. The virus has already killed 90 percent of humanity, the rest has become monsters and there’s a handful of people who are immune to the virus. By analyzing these few the hero tries to come up with a cure. Now, that’s serious. You will instantly feel better about yourself being able to just chill at home and thus help humanity fight coronavirus.

12 Monkeys

A sci-fi film that will resonate with everyone during this time. The movie star is Bruce Willis, whose character is a man sent back in time from the year 2035 to stop a pandemic that will start in 1996 and wipe out most of the world’s population, forcing the survivors to live underground. It’s a fascinating story with unexpected turns and vivid characters played by your favorite actors. Young Brad Pitt created another exciting persona in this movie. It’s a definite “must watch”.  

The Faculty

This may seem a random pick, but believe me, with all the conspiracy theories out there about the origin of Coronavirus, this movie deserves to be in this list. This classic of 1990s teen horror features an exceptional cast — Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Salma Hayek. A school is invaded by aliens that turn humans into hosts just like a virus. No one can tell who’s infected, thus everyone is a suspect to be one of them. This will serve as another gentle reminder to just stay away from everybody for a while and practice social distancing responsibly.

We wish you all to stay healthy and sane during this uncertain time of the global threat that can easily be defeated by doing, literally nothing. 

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