The Balloon Payments

The Balloon Payments

The conception of balloon payments is literally out of the amortized and/or installment loan structure as the borrower is obliged to repay the remaining balance of the loan at the end of the term. In other words, the borrower is required to pay a principal amount of the loan as the fixed monthly payments are not enough to cover the total amount before it comes due. This kind of loan is much more attractive for those who try to pay lower interest rates than in the case of long-term obligations. However, the borrower must be aware of the fact that the balloon payments may be at least twice bigger than the regular monthly payments. One of the common types of loans that are mostly associated with balloon payments is the mortgage loan. The balloon mortgages may have short-term, ranging from five to seven years. Each of us understands that five or seven years may not be considered as a long-term obligation in the case of the mortgages as traditionally it may vary between ten and thirty years. It comes to be apparent that the borrower may not be able to pay off the total amount during the short time fare, thus he/she is required to make a balloon payment.

Risky Points

It is extremely essential to be informed about the details of such kinds of products as an unawareness does not release from duty. The borrowers of balloon loans should have an appropriate amount of money set aside to repay the remaining part of the principal amount. However, if you did not predict the upcoming expenses that you are legally obliged to do, you may find yourself in enormous trouble.

The greatest risk is hidden under the fact of inflation. Put it simply, when your owned property goes down in value, you potentially may not escape the financial losses. For instance, you took a mortgage and as a last chance to make the balloon payment, you would like to sell the property. Nevertheless, the value of the owned property goes down and your chances to cover the amount vanish, as the funds generated from the sale are not enough to cover the balloon payment.

Find Your Option

When you face the problem of balloon payments, you may have only a limited number of choices to act. Below are provided the potential resolutions to solve the crisis.

Sell Your Property

When the time of the balloon payment comes, you may have a chance to make the payment by selling a personally owned property. This kind of action may be regarded as justified if you have no other choice as it is extremely risky. First and foremost, you need to investigate the real estate market before making a decision based on inflation the value of the owned property may drop significantly. Consequently, you may face the problem of losing more money than the remaining principal amount of the loan.


If you have a solid financial position, you may also have a chance to refinance the balloon payment by applying for another loan. Refinancing literally means taking another obligation and pay off the balloon payment. Due to refinancing, you may have an opportunity to restructure your financial situation and start to make rescheduled monthly payments. However, bear in mind that this option may only be available for those who have a good credit rating and stable income as the traditional lenders may not be happy to double your obligations if your creditworthiness does not inspire confidence.

How Bad Credit Loans May be Helpful?

As it was stated above you need to set aside the amount of upcoming balloon payment, however, there can be a situation when you have only ninety percent of the principal amount and none of the traditional lenders agrees to provide you one more credit.  What should you do? Definitely, even in this sort of case, you may still have a chance to obtain quick cash advances in the form of online payday loans. You can apply online on our web page: and fill out the online payday loans application form. Our service acts as a connecting platform between potential borrowers and online direct lenders.  The range of funds that are available in our platform varies between $1oo to $2500. If you would like to check the availability of our service in your exact state, you may, for instance, google payday loans online Michigan or payday loans online in Texas, or wherever you reside.

Delay the Purchase

If you are not sure that you may serve your obligations, please do not make an attempt to take the burden. The best choice for you may be renting, but not, in any case, the purchase. The main reason why you have no need to buy (when you cannot serve the loan) is deemed to be not only the inability to repay the obligations but also the danger to hurt your credit score and credit history (in case of non-payment).

Essential Tips for borrowers

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