The Impact of Payday Loans on Your Credit

The Impact of Payday Loans on Your Credit

Payday loans are the ones that people need to apply when they are in a financial crisis. Direct lenders of payday loans conduct credit checks, that is why the same-day loans are not reflected as hard inquiries in the financial reports. Now you may have questions about the phenomenon of hard inquires and inquires at all. In the US, credit inquiries are differentiated into two categories: hard and soft inquiries. Basically, the soft inquiries are used for the pre-approval or in the cases when the creditor tries to check its own credit score. However, hard inquiries are aimed to serve as a decision-making procedure. Payday loans are not included in the hard credit inquiries, thus they cannot affect your credit history. However, here is one essential point that each payday borrower has to pay close attention to, if you are an inaccurate borrower and you are making the payment not according to your repayment schedule, the lender may sell its obligation to a third-party collecting agency. In this phase, your information concerning payday loans will be reflected in your history, as collecting agencies used to equip credit reporting agencies with the information. Thus, be extremely conscious about your repayments, as the negative effect will “follow” your credit file for seven years and, definitely, affect your credit score.

One of the basic components of the scoring system is the payment history. If your obligation goes into the collection, it clearly means that you have not satisfied the requirements provided by the agreement. Moreover, the collection is not the one and only bad news,  as your credit score will have a gradual decrease accordingly. In some cases, borrowers try to gain a profit through a lawsuit, nevertheless, keep in mind that, if the lender wins the case the appropriate information will start to be visible in the creditor’s history. The information about a lawsuit will be listed in a public record section of the credit history report and will be kept minimum for seven years. 

When a Payday Loan Goes Into Collection

If you are a  borrower of an online payday loan and you fail to make the repayment, then the lender may sell the right of obligation to a specialized third-party collection company. However, it does not mean that you will be forced to pay the full debt without any other options. Be informed, that the ultimate result for the collectors is regarded to be the payment of the debt, but not the enlargement of your financial crisis. In means that you may have a chance to negotiate and make the balance of the debt smaller. It is well-known that collectors are eager to buy obligations with a sufficient discount and then collect funds in order to sell. If you can make an agreement for a lower price, then you will be obliged to pay the lesser amount. The collectors may agree to your suggestion only in that case when they probably can make a profit. After getting an agreement with the collectors, your loan status in the credit report will be fixed as “settled”, which definitely affects your credit score.

The Importance of Seeking Professional Advice

There are a great number of non-profit credit consulting agencies that may provide you proper advice on the solution to your financial problems. The aim of these organizations leads to help the population for free. If you are eligible to pay for your expenses and even save money at the same time, they may offer you their debt management plan according to which you are providing the funds, and they pay the money to creditors, where also may be included the payday loan collectors. Before thinking to start a lawsuit against your same-day lender, keep in mind, if you fail during the judgment, your debt will grow up due to the additional fees of court. Even in some cases, the payday loan lender may be entitled to put a garnishment on the exact part of your salary, but you may appeal the decision of garnishment by filling out the application of claim. However, be informed that the majority of the population falls into the financial crisis not only due to unexpected expenses but also to bad financial management. Each of us may face a financial crisis, but it does not mean that we should make an incorrect decision and affect our financial situation. If you think that you are able to repay the amount according to the repayment schedule,  then take the online payday loan and cover your expenses. You may apply by filling out an online application at After filling out the application you may be confirmed even during some hours. You can get familiar with the requirements of payday loans for the state you reside in by searching for payday loans online in Kansas or payday loans online in Texas, etc.

Essential Tips for borrowers

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