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If the loan borrowers were asked a couple of decades ago what they would change in the lending service, they would most likely say they would like it to be quicker, easier to get qualified, and also without much paperwork. Luckily, nowadays people are able to get financial services that were once considered impossible. Due to the online working system, taking any type of loan has become incomparably quicker, more comfortable and what is very important, more available. So, if you live in a beautiful city Boynton Beach, Florida then you can get access to some extra funds with ease and comfort. How? Due to Shinyloans!

Shinyloans is a loan-connecting company that provides an online platform for the lenders and the borrowers to get connected. It cooperates with a big number of online loan lenders who work online and provide the quickest application processing. If you don’t know how to connect with them, just visit our website and you will find an application form that needs to be filled out. This is the shortest way to a myriad of online lenders, who are ready to work with you and give you financial assistance despite your current credit score.

Direct Lenders Vs Brokers

If you want to get a loan today, then you need to understand your possibilities of getting one. “Knowledge is power” and this saying is also applicable to the financial activities you do, i.e. if you trust every advertisement on the Internet and have no sufficient knowledge about types of loans, then you can be easily misled by dishonest lenders out there. So, first of all, let’s understand what’s the difference between direct lenders and brokers.

Direct loan lenders work directly with the customer and process the personal information they get themselves. There is no information leakage and you deal with one person during the whole borrowing process. This is a safe option and also a very comfortable one because in case you have some problems or just need to clarify some points, then the lender you are working with will be able to answer all your questions and also give you proper financial guidance for your further steps.

On the other hand, the brokers who suggest payday loans online, don’t lend the money themselves and all they do is just redirecting you to a lender who you will have no connection with. In this case, your information becomes available for the third-parties and you don’t actually work with the person who gave you the cash. These loans also have higher interest rates to compensate for the work of the brokers as well. So obviously, it’s advisable to give your preference to the direct payday lenders, to ensure your safety and the affordability of the loan option.

Payday Loans for Bad Credits

The paycheck loans that Shinyloans suggests in Boynton Beach are especially attractive for the customers with poor or bad credit score as it is one of the few places where they can find financial support. Actually, there are many people who don’t know what bad credit is, and we would like to define it first.

Bad credit is a negative financial assessment and implies that the customer missed some payments in the past or has many debts. There are other factors affecting your FICO assessment as well, but these are the main reasons your credit score gets lower. There is a scale, where 850 is the maximum point and means you have an excellent credit history. While if your score is below 580, you are considered a ‘risky’ customer and have all chances to be rejected in the traditional financial institution in your city.

Shinyloans, on the other hand, works with lenders who don’t base their loan decisions on your financial past and can give you the same day loan as long as you correspond to the criteria of an eligible customer. Provided that you are not a minor or a foreigner, and have regular income that can be proved, you have high chances to become one of our customers. If you think you need to go through a lengthy application process, we hurry to inform you that it won’t take you more than 10 minutes. All you need to do is filling in a few personal data, and the cash you need can be in your bank account during the same or the next day.