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Looking for a payday loan in Portage, Indiana is much easier than it used to be as you need to google the phrase ‘cash loans near me’ and you will discover a list of the offices that suggest this service in your area. Besides you can also search just ‘payday loans online’ and get an endless list of different loan options offered online. So, which option should you choose? It depends on your needs and preferences in fact. If you somehow live next to a bank office and can manage to visit it in order to apply for a loan, you can choose this option, but you need to take into consideration that you will be required to present a lot of documents and you need to wait a week or more to get your application completed and sent to be reviewed. Please note that this is only the first stage and you need to go through a few more stages and overall getting the loan you want may take a month, of course, provided that you get approved for the loan.

Why you would rather apply online?

Applying and getting a loan online is a wiser financial decision because it’s more appropriate for our modern world where every minute matters and people are always in a hurry. In fact, it sounds illogical to choose a longer and more difficult process when there is an easier one available 24 hours a day. Millions of people benefit from these internet payday loans, including the residents of Portage and based on the reviews in our website we can assume that our services were helpful for many-many people throughout the US.

Another reason for online advance loans to be a good idea is the fact that more than 90% of the applications are approved by the lenders working in the online industry, so you have all the chances to rely on getting approved as well. This is a great advantage for people who have a bad credit score and can’t find help anywhere else. We often hear our customers say they tried everything and could find the essential financial assistance only through Shinyloans, and that’s what makes us keep doing what we do. We value long-term relationships with our customers, so we aim to help as many people as we possibly can. As we want people to benefit from their borrowing process, we don’t just mention the advantages but also the disadvantages of this service, so that they know whether it will improve their situation or not. Thus, we never claim that getting a paycheck loan is the only chance to a bring stability back into your budget, and only recommend using our services when you are 100% sure that the repayment will be successful. The repayment terms are shorter compared to other loan options, so if you think you need more time to be able to collect the amount of cash you need to repay, then better stay on the safe side and apply for online loans with longer terms of repayment. Please remember that in case you fail to make timely payments, some lenders suggest a rollover period to extend your loan terms, but it also implies higher interest rates and can make your situation even worse if you find it hard to repay the total amount of loan along with the interests.

Payday Loan Requirements

When we say that our service is highly available, there is a reason for that. Before even applying for the loan you want, you need to know that each lender may have specific requirements and you need to check them once you get connected. However, there are still some prerequisites to be able to apply that are common for all the lenders in the industry and they are:

  • Borrowers should be of legal age (more than 18 years old)
  • They should be residents of the US as it’s illegal to provide this service to the foreigners.
  • They should prove to have a steady income of at least $1000 a month.
  • Customers should have a valid checking bank account.
  • They must present a working email address and a phone number.

You won’t believe but these are all the requirements our potential borrowers need to comply with, and if they do, the desired sum of money may be just a couple of hours away.