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Look at the today’s reality, what do you think, do we live in a civilized world where everyone does possess the same rights and prerogatives. Definitely, some of us will persist that we live on an equal basis and nearly no one possesses advantageous positions, however, when the issues start to concern the field of finance the actual picture turns upside down and shows an incomparably shifted puzzle. We are talking about the traditional sector of lending and especially about discriminations supported by a great variety of lenders, based on the applicant's credit status. What do you think, is it a sort of discrimination that differentiates the applicants' rights? 

A Bad Credit Rating plays no role!

It is a notorious part of our reality when banks or suchlike traditional institutions do restrict the applicants' rights to access fast emergency loans because of one single issue – a bad credit rating. According to financial studies, even today a great number of Americans still possess poor credit ratings; consequently, most of them are deprived of opportunities to get financial assistance from traditional organizations. However, in spite of the aforesaid hapless facts, it is also notable to underline that the US financial market can still offer a great alternative for those who suffer from bad credit records. We are talking about online payday loans supported by direct lenders that remain pretty tolerant when the issue is linked to the phenomenon of bad credit rating. 

Otherwise stated, the payday lending is nearly the opposite side of the traditional form, as direct lenders do apply absolutely different attitude not only towards the credit rating but also towards the applicable requirements for same-day loans. These are direct lenders that operate in online platforms such as ours, thus in order to get in touch with them, an applicant needs to attend the web page of a payday company and start a simple credit application request. 

How do Rapid Cash Advances operate?

The mechanism of the alternative lending is pretty simple and hassle-free, moreover, it can be divided into three independent stages that every applicant will be requested to pass through: 1) the application process: an applicant fills out a very simple credit request on the website of payday company and shows the exact rang of funds he/she is eager to obtain, 2) the connection with direct payday lenders: once the applicant finishes the application request, he needs to wait until his proposal will be directed to online lenders, 3) the credit approval: as soon as the applicant's offer has been approved by one of the creditors, the requested amount will be transferred into the bank account. 

All in all, applicants can complete the entire borrowing process even within one single day, as everything is too fast and uncomplicated, just find a reliable company and never look back. 

How do Cash Advance Loans need to be repaid?

Do you remember endless queues at the lenders' offices, when applicants are killing even days just for making a single monthly payment; these kinds of inconveniences have been ruled out from the payday lending scenario only by making the platform internet-based? Nearly, noting requires a physical intervention as you are entitled to apply, get and repay direct deposit loans without even leaving your convenient seat. 

However, applicants need to know about one important specification (very common for payday instruments) called a lump sum payment. Almost all payday lenders do apply the same mechanism of credit repayment that requires paying off the credit amount until the next paycheck, whereas, it must be made in a single payment (the principal amount and interest altogether). Thus, before taking one, assess your financial position and understand whether the lump sum payment is ok for you. 

Why do Payday Loan Lenders support relatively higher APRs?

It is not a secret that most of the traditional lenders do require tons of guarantees until the credit will be provided: you need to pledge security, possess a pure credit rating, assign guarantors and utilize the funds according to a contractual purpose. These are the main guarantees that traditional lenders used to apply, as it is pretty logical that even if the applicant fails to return the credit, they have so many levers to receive the amount back. Unlike traditional lenders, the payday ones do not apply any of the aforesaid demands, and they absolutely have no guarantees that credit will be paid off. Actually, this is the main reason why quick payday loans with no credit checks do have relatively higher APRs than traditional products.