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The payday lending industry has significantly changed with the introduction of the Internet into our everyday lives as most companies started to offer online services as well. There are many companies that offer both types of services: in-store and online, however more and more customers choose to apply online, as it’s more convenient for our busy generation.

Time is being greatly appreciated now as we have little of it to spend on what we enjoy rather than what we have to do, that’s why a myriad of companies stress the quickness of their service as the most attractive feature. No service can be successful now if the waiting period is long and the customers have to spend a lot of time and effort on that.

Shinyloans suggests quick cash loans to the residents of Warren, Michigan and throughout the USA in order to meet the modern demands of the customers.

Loans with No Credit Check-Is It Possible?

There are many advertisements offering no-credit-check loans, however, you should understand that it’s impossible to approve a loan without performing any kind of check on your credit history. Even though all the lenders do check your creditworthiness, there is a significant difference between what information they are looking for and paying attention to.

What is Hard Credit Check?

A hard pull or a hard inquiry is often performed when you apply for a mortgage, credit card or a loan in most traditional financial institutions. The main negative point about these actions is not the amount and depth of the information they reveal but the fact that this inquiry affects your credit score itself. So, in case of a negative loan decision, it may leave a bad effect on your financial history that may last for two years. That’s why most borrowers seek loan options without this inquiry.

What is Soft Credit Check?  

Another type of inquiry, also called a soft pull, is also used to reveal background financial information of the customer but the main difference is that it doesn’t affect your credit score and is harmless. The actual information it reveals is also less detailed, so it doesn’t affect the lenders’ decision so much. Consequently, this type of inquiry is more advantageous for the potential borrowers, but thinking that it’s possible to get a loan without any kind of credit search is actually unreasonable. Moreover, the lenders who claim performing none should sound suspicious to you, and you need to be more careful with them.

Payday Loans for Bad Credit or No Credit at All

This is a characteristic that attracts a pool of customers because a specific group of customers who had low credit score had to face more obstacles and very often it was literally impossible to get approved for cash advance loans if your credit score was lower than 580.

Nowadays, the situation has dramatically changed due to the payday companies that operate online and suggest much more available paycheck loans. Even if you have no credit history at all, it’s still possible to get approved by one of the lenders connected with our platform. When you apply at a bank, you have only one chance to get approved, if the loan specialist there doesn’t give you a loan endorsement, then you have to look for an alternative, even though you have already wasted so much time on the application process.

On the other hand, if you apply on our website, you have as many possibilities as many lenders process your application, and in fact, you can even have more than one lender to wish to work with you. In that case, you have an opportunity to choose the one you feel most confident about. You will never have a chance to decide who you want to work with at the banks you go.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you have a cost that you can’t take care of with your funds, you need to borrow some money and nowadays the most popular borrowing method is an online loan. Why? It’s quick, safe and available at the same time. With a simple application form, you will complete filling it out in a couple of minutes and then get your cash maximum in 48 hours.