50 Shades of Hidden Fees

50 Shades of Hidden Fees

Unexpected, hidden fees that you have never been informed about, may face you during the lending process. When you sign the agreement, the hidden fees, you agreed to as well. It is not important did you notice them in a contract (written in the tiniest font) or not, the fact is a fact, you agreed to when you signed the agreement. It also relates to the other simple financial transaction, because every person theoretically must look through the sheet of paper that puts any kind of obligations on his/her shoulders.

Credit Card Fees

One of the products provided by retail banks with mysterious hidden charges is deemed to be a credit card. This industry was so unregulated and dangerous for the customers that even in 2009 the government applied the Credit Card Act of 2009 in order to regulate it. Credit Card Act of 2019 aimed to protect the rights of cardholders from hidden fees that banks applied.  According to the Act of 2009 requirements credit card issuers were requested to eliminate “over the limit fees”. Some of the card issues applied requirements and got rid of charges, however, there were many persistent card issuers that continued to use “over the limit fees”. A great amount of card issuers applies service fees that cardholders need to pay per annum. Nevertheless, you have to pay for exceeding your credit limit, but it is not the worst thing that can happen.  Some of the card providers can apply the new interest rate strategy for your late payments and, definitely, be sure that new rates are not in your favor. The ideal situation when customers will not be felt robbed is when they are obliged to pay only for monthly credit card bills and the annual service fees.

Some people think that getting a credit card and using it on a daily basis can make the credit history. However, they do not pay attention that late payments also make sense. Generally, bad [credits] are secured by deposits, in other words, you pledge your deposit and start to use your credit card.  The only security that credit cardholders may rely on is deemed your deposit.

Fees for Short-Term Loans

No matter what kind of loans you are applying for, be extremely careful with terms and conditions. It is important to understand all hidden fees that you may face after the bank accepts your application. Here is the list of probable fees and charges that lending bank or credit organization may apply:

  • Missed Repayment Fee

These kinds of fees basically apply when the customer postpones the exact date of repayment. What is the upcoming scenario when you missed your repayment? Generally, it depends on the lender and the form of fees that the agreement involves. Forms of missed repayment fees may defer starting from fixed penalties to even fixed percent of the provided amount calculated for each missed day.

  • Transmission or Origination Fee

Transmission fee is regarded to be an application processing fee. Mostly, these kinds of fees refer to short-term loans. However, due to the introduced regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2015, this sort of fee lost its actuality. Short-term loans also include payday loans online, the availability of which potential borrowers may check online by just filling out the application form.

  • Late Payment of Interest

Everyone knows that interest is the unavoidable part of the loan. However, it is essential to keep in mind, when you take the loan you are obliged to make a payment due to the schedule of repayments, otherwise, according to each late payment interest can be increased over the amount of the loan.

  • Early Repayment Penalty

Some banks or credit organizations may fix a penalty if the borrower intends to make an early repayment. The main reason why a lender applies such kind of strategy is considered to be the chance to lose the interest that will have been accumulated further based on the customer's obligation. These kinds of fees are much more applicable in the case of mortgage loans because the terms are longer, consequently, the probable interest may be bigger.

  • An Extension Fee

Sometimes borrowers have problems with their repayment schedule and that is why banks or credit organizations fixed the probability to push back the final payment day. However, it should be understood, that it is another service and you may be requested to pay for it upfront or the amount of charge may be added to the cost of your loan.

  • Brokerage Fees

If you have no time or you are not enough informed to find the appropriate solution, the loan brokerage service may be the best choice. Generally, brokers help people to find the exact loans based on the individual circumstance.

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