Apps to Download When Self-Isolated for Coronavirus Quarantine

Apps to Download When Self-Isolated for Coronavirus Quarantine

America is staying home amidst the Coronavirus pandemic that has claimed lives worldwide in order to stop it from spreading. No matter if you have been exposed to the virus or not, we all have to practice social distancing for a period of time and leave the house in extreme cases of absolute necessity. In this year and age, when we are so spoiled with various types of entertainment outside of the house, we have to come up with ways to keep busy and entertained inside our living space.  As easy as it sounds, you’ll probably get bored after a day or two. Who wouldn’t? That’s why we put together a list of applications that you can try out to escape boredom. 

The lockdown in China has actually led to unprecedented numbers of apps and games downloads from Apple’s online store. After you’ve watched all of the movies on your watchlist and have taken a few naps, check out these five apps to download during self-isolation or quarantine.

1. Dialup 

An app originally created to connect individuals isolated around the world to strangers for a chat has now developed a unique QuarantineChat option for those in quarantine and self-isolation. It’s hard to imagine a better time to use this service. If you’re feeling lonely, go ahead and start a chat with others stuck inside somewhere in Europe or China.

2. Nike Training Club

The second best app to download during self-isolation after the one that connects people virtually is the one that will keep your body and spirit healthy. In order to move your body, Nike Training Club offers 185 workouts for free during this time. The workouts come in different levels and categories such as strength, endurance, and mobility, to cater to your preferences, goals, and skill level.

3. Duolingo

With this much time on your hands, you might as well try to learn a new skill and emerge a better version of yourself after the storm passes. Duolingo teaches a new language and connects you with others around the world who speak that language. It feels like you made a trip to France or Spain and are having conversations with the locals.

4. Louvre App

On that note, now that travel is extremely undesirable, you can still find a way to access beautiful art. Have you been to the Louvre yet? Download the museum’s official application and it’ll feel like you’re in Paris enjoying hundreds of exceptional artworks and learning history. Other museums, such as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, have their apps at your disposal as well.

5. Headspace or Calm

In a time of global anxiety and uncertainty, it’s critical to focus on your mental health. Meditating is a great way to do that. And, downloading a mindfulness app such as Headspace or Calm can help. Headspace leads you through guided meditations while Calm will give you the tools to stay mindful and grateful.

The time of self-isolation will pass. We will all see this pandemic through. The trick is to remain positive and busy while we wait. Be conscious, stay healthy and try to make the most out of this situation where you’re home working and living in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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